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More than 120 companies across the nation use our HR software. The top HR application in Bangladesh is CodeEcstasy.

All in One Software

The best SaaS-based human resource management software is CodeEcstasy, which combines HR and payroll software.

Spreadsheets Are Gone!
Payroll & HR software is required now.

The software is popular in Bangladesh due to its basic and user-friendly features.

SaaS Based HR & Payroll Software

You are welcome to explore our top SaaS-based HR software on your own with our self-guided tour.

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Software Functionality

You can review and read through at your own time. If you still don’t understand, request a demo or begin a free trial of our SaaS-based HRMS to gain knowledge from the top HR Software provider in Bangladesh.

Software for Payroll

Attendance Control

Managing taxes

Managing Leave

Managing Your Shift

Managing Expense

Employee Monitoring

Worker Tracking

System for Manage Task

Notifications from saas

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