Next Generation Teaching & Learning Style

Student’s love technologies and digital learning. We have made it easy for you. A teaching and learning system especially for teachers and mentors.

Next Generation Teaching & Learning Style

Student’s love technologies and digital learning. We have made it easy for you. A teaching and learning system especially for teachers and mentors.

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Are Your Still Following The Traditional Way Of Teaching?

The teaching and learning process is same for many years. But gradually the process is changing and also student want these change. Are you intended to adopt the new teaching style yet?

Be Unique To Your Students Among All

While everybody is changing, let you be the first one to be unique

Approch To Students In A New And Better Way

By this software the approach to student will change.

Introduction to next generation learning style

Sooner everybody in Bangladesh will adopt this as it’s used in other countries
Account Management

No More Missing Payments

Sad but true sometimes teachers fail to receive payments and also cant want it from the course students. Well by this system you will never miss a payment because everything is tracked and authorized. Course materials will be blocked automatically without payments. Receive payments via Cash, bKash, Rocket, Nagad and other 22 gateways including all Banks.

Student Management

No Hassle In Managing Students

If you teach many students, tracking everything would be very difficult. Even to find a simple exam result/ attendance report you need to go through 10-15 excel sheets and papers. With this software you can reach to any payment information, accounts, absent, exam results by just a click.
Course Feed

Organized Course Contents

Organizing all the course materials such as sheets, papers, exams etc can be difficult. You can retain any materials from this software by just one click. You will get a very easy access to all the information you need beforehand.
Easy Setup​

Just One Click Registration

One-click registration saves users time and hassle by allowing them to quickly create an account on a website or app without having to fill out lengthy forms, leading to a better user experience and increased conversions.
Assignment Management

No More Papers For Assignment

Assignments and Exams can be really tough to manage as a teacher. Make the questions, students answer the questions, loads of papers and then also the marking. Well make question onetime and take assignments a million times and say what? No papers at all! Everything digital. Even the marks will be seen in the panel, email and SMS too.


Made Guardian Communication Easy

Sometime it’s embarrassing to talk to guardian for everything. Well with this software you don’t need to face this problem. Notify the absent reports, due payment alert, marks notification etc to parents and you can keep them updated.

Biggest Benefit

No more cost for server

The benefit of “No more cost for server & domain” is that it saves money and eliminates the need for technical knowledge or maintenance, allowing individuals and businesses to focus on their core objectives.
SMS Panel

SMS Panel

Say you’re is leave for today, You can notify all students with just a click. An SMS will go to students or parents number with just a click. Well SMS can be expensive right? This software users will be able to send SMS for only .25 Paisa/Per SMS

HaPPy Clients

Top Clients

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Student Attendance

Take daily attendance and see reports. Even attendance before 5 years can be retreived by a click.

Advanced File Manager

To manage all the files and contents one need a file manager. We got it for you.

Advanced Reports

Attendance, Exams, Payments and other monthly reports in one place.

Student Waiver System

Some special student can be provided discounts and the payment will generate accordingly.

Notification Emails

Each and every post, course materials, attendance, exam marks etc will be notified via emails.

Payment Gateways

Including Bkash, Rocket, Nagad, DBBL, EBL, MasterCard, Visa Card and other 2 gateways can be attached

Multimedia Learning

Students are becoming digital and so the whole world. Students now don't like the traditional way of learning. They want some change. We are here to change.

Student Authorization

Software will automatically block the course materials from the students it there is a due payment. Teacher can also do it manually

Easy UI

To made it handy we have made the software more and more easy to use. Also training videos will be provided about how to user the software.

And Many More...........!

Code Ecstasy
Course Management System

Say No To Traditional Excel And Sheets And Step Into The Digitalized Way Of Learning What Student Wants


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Years of software

Our Honorable Teacher

Loved by hundred of teachers

This is what teachers are saying about Daily Academy.

Masud Hasan

10 Minute School

This software has revolutionized the way I teach. It's intuitive and user-friendly, allowing me to create and organize lesson plans, manage student data, and track student progress seamlessly.

Zahir Chowdhury

Rajuk Uttara Model College

The software's customization options are a game-changer. I can tailor lessons to meet the needs of individual students and personalize the learning experience for everyone in the class.

Mosfiz sir

BN college

The software's interactive features are engaging and fun, keeping my students excited and interested in learning. It's like having a virtual assistant in the classroom!

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Riday Paul

Lets Learn Korean

The software's analytics capabilities are impressive. I can easily analyze student performance data and use it to guide my teaching, ensuring that every student is getting the support they need to succeed.

Sanjida Afrin

Milestone College

The software's communication tools are invaluable. I can easily communicate with parents and colleagues, share resources and feedback, and collaborate on lesson plans.

Divya Chowdhury

Ideal College

Finally, the customer support for this software is top-notch. Whenever I have a question or concern, the team is always there to help, ensuring that my experience with the software is always positive.

We take all your headaches

Get all the features to manage everything on your batchs in an affordable price and step into the digital generation.
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